Mallo-D Lane Llamas is comprised of 3 generations of llama lovers. In October 1998, my
daughter, Robyn, and I went to a horse sale and ended up buying a guard llama, who
was soon joined by 2 pet llamas.  After much research and many farm tours, we knew
we wanted to raise these awesome animals.  By the end of November, our first 3
breeding llamas arrived at our acreage and the llama love affair began. Early spring saw
us adding 3 more to our small herd and a few months later we headed to our first llama
show, having
NO IDEA what constituted a good show animal.  Taking our 2 juvenile
females, we went anyway.  Both girls did very well and we were HOOKED!   

Our granddaughter, RyLee, grew up in the llama pens and show ring, receiving a first
place ribbon in an obstacle class of 27 entires when she was just 3 years old.  Now 18,
RyLee has her own herd and is continuing on the family tradition of raising top quality,
conformationally correct show llamas and breeding stock, with strong fiber genetics,
gentle personalities, and impeccable pedigrees.  

We offer extensive after-sales support, training and grooming services, herd
management assistance, shearing, guardian llamas, pets and outside breedings.

With an ever-expanding herd, we always have a variety of llamas for sale, in a range of
prices, colors, ages, and fiber types.   

Visitors are encouraged to stop in and fall in love.

THANK YOU for visiting our site, please check it out again as we will be adding to it and
up-dating it regularly.
2005 CRIAS

Welcome to "LLAMA LOVE!"